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About TransatlanticSoccer

At Transatlantic Soccer, top experienced coaches from Scotland come to Northern California with the aim to develop the soccer skills of the young players we work with through fun games, drills and game related practices. Our coaches go through an intensive practical and formal interview process to ensure that they are experienced and have a genuine love of working with children.  We believe that by creating a fun learning environment, the children at our camps will learn faster and take our coaching points on board. We also recruit talented local coaches from the areas we serve which makes it a fun transatlantic collaboration and develops and encourages the coaches to continue  working with young soccer players in their community



Although we will teach through fun, conditioned games its important that each  game that we play has a purpose and will always refer to the coaching points that are being taught that day. Our camps are all about learning and developing as a player both technically, tactically and socially 



We offer summer camps for beginners, intermediate players and advanced players and at each camp players are split into a group based on age, ability and start practicing right away. 



With our well established and popular team camp program you can have one of our coaches come to your practice (for a week or weeks of your choice) and work with the coach to plan and run your session, or a block of sessions, working on the development needs of the team and also further developing their strengths to make an all-round well balanced and organized team!



All of our coaches are passionate about soccer and love playing and coaching at a high standard to develop our young players, helping them to succeed!

What some of the coaches say:  

"Transatlantic Soccer summer camps are so fun for the young soccer players as they learn a different skill each day through fun games and drills with kids their own age range and ability level."



- Ollie

"The best part of the summer camps are the competitions between the players and the coaches and ending the fun week with an Epic water fight"




- Fraser 

"We take the time to get to know each player and know them all by name by the end of the first day. We often compete with each other to see who can memorise their groups name the quickest!


- Ellen

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